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If you think that we had time for X-Mas shopping, then nothing could be farther from reality.
Stuffed turkey, roasted chestnuts, hot wine punch, - dream on! Well, I agree, it sounds too
American or European but you would be surprised how westernised the holidays here in Asia
are and that even in the heart of Borneo.

On top of all that, we faced computer trouble without end. That usually occurs when you
need it least. When everything depends on those machines, that’s the time they decide that
enough is enough and they signal with beautiful ‘Blue Screens’ that they urgently need a
break. Not only that my 3rd keyboard in four years decided to write its own story about the
cruelty of authors, not enough that the rubber lining of my mouse had become so fond of my
hand that it decided to stick to it, all that had been trivialities, but the motherboard went on
strike and a few other components joined to make the mess complete. I don’t know if they
have unions, but if so, they have done a ‘great’ job and I had to rebuilt the machines during
night time to cope with the never ending workload.

Whatsoever, we made it just in time and with some delay and a few days before Christmas,
not only the 2nd part of Ithilhin-Moonchild was released at AMAZON including the e-book,
but our new website as well was ready to launch, - phew…

We sincerely hope that your days were more relaxing and that your holidays brought much
joy and laughter into your homes and hearts and that you have started the New Year with
useful New Year’s resolutions.

May 2012 bring joy and happiness, good health, and may all your wishes come true!

Tenna' san', * - or in the common tongue, - Until then


I. Salgonda  & E. Gelindor

* (Quenia)

Melloneamin!* - or in the common tongue, - My Friends!

If your days before Christmas have been hectic then ask about ours. Our days were calm and relaxing, just as good as one could wish for. - I am kidding.

Our days were not hectic, - no, - they were chaotic, because the second part of Ithilhin-Moonchild had to be revised once more and the new website was still in the making.
Ithilhin-Moonchild Part 2
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