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We know, we have been silent for a while and the announced 2nd part of Ithilhin-Moonchild was released just a few days ago. As you have realised, we have not been sitting idly thumb twiddling but worked hard on our new website and we hope you like it.

Any comments or feedback is most welcome and since this page is not complete yet, please comment on our FaceBook sites.

With this new website, it will be easier to find your way around and the new section “Fantasy News” will provide easy access to the latest developments in the world of fantasy entertainment.

Alas, time is running just too fast and its X-Mas already and soon, 2012 is knocking on our doors, hence we wish all of you...


                        and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012


Irefenia Salgonda
                                        Elensaar Gelindor
or in common tongue
My Friends!
For those who may already have forgotten about our survey or those who had the intention to participate but never did, - now it is too late, because we have drawn the winner of the:
CBI-News 015 - Tataaaaa…And the Winner is…
Hand Signed First Edition of Crossbow Isle - Ithilhin-Moonchild Part 1
We know already that the mailman in Australia has delivered it to…
Mr. R.A. Bruce
…who is our lucky winner. Dear Mr. Bruce, we thank you for your valuable input and support and wish you as much joy reading the beginning of the Crossbow Isle Story as we had writing it.

Mr. R.A. Bruce

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