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Well, whatever you prefer, we strived to provide you with the reading pleasure you deserve.

That leads to the next point. We just have published the 5th instalment of Crossbow Isle “Y Ddraig Goch Part II” and we are happy about the countless encouraging feedbacks we received.

For example:
A great elf adventure. October 27, 2012
By Susan Holems
This review is from: Crossbow-Isle: Ithilhin Moonchild Part 1 (Paperback)
Elensaar and Irefenia's Crossbow-Isle: Ithilhin Moonchild Part 1 is a great escape from modern day reality. As the story unfolds, we are led into a magical place where powerful characters are caught in the never-ending struggle between good and evil. This story is a fabulous elf adventure. Moonchild Part 1 is a very good read. I would recommend it with four stars.

By Ed Mystikmaster Biggs
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This review is from: Crossbow-Isle: Ithilhin Moonchild Part 1 (Paperback)
Good fortune has seen to it that I have been able to read this wonderful epic tale set in a land far beyond time and imagination. A tale of Magic and intrigue. A tale of a young witch with paranormal powers but besieged by envy and jealousy. Surprise after surprise.... The way the tale is told makes it compelling reading.... A book you can get lost in, so much so that the ordinary mundane world simply vanishes and takes you into the Magical world of the Crossbow-Isle.
I will with the writers permission feature small extracts in our magazine 'The Mystic Way' from time to time but I seriously suggest you buy a copy....

By Suzan Moore Mckie
I can think of quite a few people and children that would love this in their xmas stocking !

Many more comments and recommendations can be found here:

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Dear Crossbow Isle friends;

We apologise for the misleading information about the YUDU e-book files being suitable for all APPLE devices. Only of late have we learnt that APPLE users would require a FLASH viewer APP to open the files. However, the flash viewer is unfortunately not supported by APPLE. Nevertheless, the e-books work perfectly on all other devices, such as PC’s, Android phones and non-apple tablets etc., which allow you to read our e-book editions almost like real books.

Despite being myself one of the ‘old fashioned’ people preferring the ‘real thing’, means holding a book in my hands that does not require a power supply and although real books are not lesser ‘shy’ of water, I can read them safely in the bath tub. On the other hand, tablets and consorts have the tremendous advantage that I can take a whole library wherever I go and flip the pages with the same stroke as browsing through a book.
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