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No need to abandon your friends on Crossbow Isle whilst they are in the middle of solving a riddle or clobbering their enemies. Take them along wherever you want and enjoy their company whilst you bask in the sun or wait for inclement weather to change.

If you don’t know YUDU already from our reading samples, just check out the preview of Crossbow Isle - Y Ddraig Goch Part 1 below.

Enjoy being part of the fast growing community that loves Crossbow-Isle, the “Greatest Elven Adventure since Lord of the Rings

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No matter if you want to read Crossbow Isle on your computer, your i-Pad, i-Phone, Android or other mobile phones*, you are not left high and dry anymore. With the YUDU version of Crossbow Isle, you can download “The Greatest Elven Adventure since Lord of the Rings” to your latest gadgets and enjoy reading in flip-book-style, almost as if you had a real book in your hands.

There is no more need to leave your bikinis, your roller skates, fishing rod, and make-up at home in favour of heavy books for rainy or boring days.
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All Crossbow-Isle volumes are now available as i-Pad, i-Phone, & Android  version on YUDU!
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