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The time is near! Soon you will bask in the sun, no school, no office, and no other obligations than simply relaxing. Ride the waves, walk the forests, climb the mountains, play with your friends, and enjoy the time as long as the weather is fair.

But, - what do you do when it rains? Playing games on your phone, palmtop, notebook, or any other device? It still rains and your thumbs are tired?

Perhaps you should take a book along and start the adventure of reading! You may find out soon, that this ‘old-fashioned’ pastime has merits beyond any computer game, TV show, or movie that perhaps was not as exciting as you hoped it would be. It happens not very often that real great stories find their way to the “Big Screen”. 
So, - open a book, perhaps “Y Ddraig Goch” of the Crossbow Isle” sequel, and allow the tale to suck you in, take you away, make you part of a great story, meet characters who have to master challenges that you don’t want to face at all and live with them through an adventure that won’t allow you to lay the book aside. You don’t need batteries, chargers, or a power socket, just you, the book, some food and drink and a cosy place where no one disturbs you when you are on Crossbow Isle.

But be forewarned, - you may not want to part from Enyana, Rasmus, Zaron, Y Ddraig Goch, and all the others that easily. Too close they may become to you once you have met them on their quest to correct something that has happened a very long time ago and you may become as eager as they are to find out what has changed and who is behind those changes that no one living in our times realises anymore.

No matter how you think that adventure will end, you are in for a real surprise and at the end of the tale, you may realise that elven tales are anything but fantasy or bedtime stories for weary children.

Enjoy being part of the fast growing community that loves Crossbow-Isle, the “Greatest Elven Adventure since Lord of the Rings
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