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It does not really matter that the first volume of “Crossbow Isle - Ithilhin-Moonchild” is on the market since September 2011, but only recently has the first part found its way onto the shelves of the renowned “Borneo Books” store in the Wisma Merdeka Mall of Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, the place we now call home.

Now even here, between the fringe of dense jungle and the white sandy beaches of the “Land below the Wind”, the “Greatest Elven Adventure since Lord of the Rings” has made landfall. Actually, this is not entirely correct because it has returned HOME. The entire tale of more than four thousand five hundred book pages was written here in Borneo where inspiration has not to be sought but found us wherever we went.
Hence, it is no wonder that such powerful inspiration has left its marks in our tale, which is by all means not limited to the traditional realms of elven tales but spans around the globe like no other elven tale we ever have come across.

Mysterious Misty Mountains of China are not alien to our adventurers as much as the Green Islands under the Wind or the Irish tinged island, which manifests in the description of Crossbow Isle. Many regions, characters, and mythologies of our world have influenced the tale of Crossbow Isle and we are proud to say that it truly is a multicultural as well as a multi-being tale that is poised to tickle your imagination well beyond the borders of fantasy into the realm of reality as never written before.

Enjoy being part of the fast growing community that loves the “Greatest Elven Adventure since Lord of the Rings”
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Crossbow-Isle made landfall in Borneo!
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