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If you have not yet ordered one of the Crossbow-Isle books for your Elven Adventure lovers, click here to get it now that the Easter Bunny can deliver it in time!
Easter basket with Y Ddraig Goch says Happy Ostara from Crossbow-Isle
Since 2012 is not only the Chinese "Year of the Dragon", but also the year when the 2nd volume of Crossbow-Isle will be published, we have convinced our little friend that it is his duty as future "Guardian of the Isles" to send you his best wishes for Happy Ostara Holidays

May your days be filled with joy and laughter, may your 'Easter Eggs' be as big as pumpkins, and may happiness surround you like the thickest fog in London.

We hope you have found beautiful gifts for your loved ones and we welcome those who are lucky enough to hold the first Crossbow-Isle books in their hands into the circle of those who already enjoy the Greatest Elven Adventure since Lord of the Rings! Happy Ostara!!!
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* Quenia
Elensaar Gelindor
Irefenia Salgonda &
Y Ddraig Goch and the Authors of Crossbow-Isle wish you
Happy Easter Holidays !!!
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