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2012 is not only the Chinese "Year of the Dragon", but also the year of changes that include how we read magazines and books. The ‘old’ e-book readers have paved the way but not long after they had nipped their buds out of the ground, they were overtaken by fast developing software and gadgets.

For many, the i-pad is a state of the art device that allows reading and experiencing the act of reading almost as ‘natural’ as holding a book in your hands, whilst reading from the screen of our computers still lacks the ‘touch’. Now, even this barrier was torn down, because YUDU is one of the new services that transfers the book-reading-feeling to your computer.
We are so fond of it that during the next few weeks, we will publish all Crossbow Isle volumes on YUDU. Once available, we will announce it on our website as well as on facebook and other services.
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