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If you are not yet a dragon lover, we are convinced that this Dragon will conquer your heart by storm!
To few and if at all, the name Y Ddraig Goch may just be known as the 'Welsh Dragon', but I dare to bet, once you have read where he came from and what his real task in our world was, he will be much more to you than just a red blotch on the state flag of Wales, - he will be your dear friend!

The flag of Wales
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Dragon Layr by Anne Stokes
With "Y Ddraig Goch" we continue the sequel with the first
part of the second volume of...
"Crossbow Isle - the Greatest Elven Adventure after
Lord of the Rings!
Is it sheer coincidence that 2012, the Chinese "Year of the Dragon",  will see the release of "Crossbow-Isle - Y Ddraig Goch"? I don't know and we surely have not planned it but it can't be a bad year for "The Guardian of the Isles" that his tale finds his way into your hands.
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