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Image of Crossbow-Isle Ithilhin-Moochild Part 3
With part 3 of Ithilhin-Moonchild, the first book of five will be released completely and
we are thrilled about the very encouraging replies that the parts 1 & 2 have triggered
during the very few weeks after their appearance. Your responses confirm that…
Crossbow Isle IS the Greatest Elven Adventure after Lord of the Rings!

We never had dared to imagine that in such short time, Enyana the Moonchild and her
talented companions with extraordinary powers would find so many friends among our
readers and followers. That in turn inspires much hope that many younger and older
readers will follow the example of those who were coerced into that breathtaking
adventure, to solve any kind of problem in the real world as clever and especially
considerate as the heroes in Crossbow-Isle handling their very challenging and often
enough dangerous tasks.
Well, whilst the Hobbits in Middle Earth (New Zealand) are on their way to the ‘BIG
SCREEN’, we at Crossbow Isle and ISEGmedia are not yet that far, instead, we are in the
midst of preparing the 1st part of the second book with the title “Y Ddraig Goch” for
publishing. No matter that with every volume we have published, we have gained
valuable experience; it still is a challenge to get everything right the first time.
Along those preparations, we work on the realisation of high quality printed maps of
Crossbow Isle, and soon they will be available in various sizes on our shopping site,
accompanied by Enyana’s “Elvenstone” and a number of other intriguing jewels with
‘magical powers’.
As you can imagine, it never is boring to work on such a massive project and we look
forward sharing more of our background activities with you, - our readers. We just hope
that you are in good health and that you may be blessed with love and care from those
you love.

Melloneamin!*  in common tongue, My Friends!
You don’t have to look any
further to find the right
Easter gifts for Elven
Fantasy Lovers!
Ithilhin-Moonchild Part 3
of the Crossbow-Isle Sequence
will be released shortly before
the Easter Holidays!
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