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Want to know more about The Hobbit and its progress?

Just click the image that leads you to "The One Ring Net", one of the most comprehensive sources for tidings from New Zealand or better "Middle Earth".
Watch Peter Jackson's MTV Interview
Peter Jackson at the Sundance Film Festival on Friday
Photo: MTV News
Director tells MTV News at Sundance how he plans to keep his latest journey to Middle-earth consistent with the 'Rings' trilogy.
Peter Jackson Explains 'Hobbit'/'Lord Of The Rings' Link
"There was enough concern that police attended," Senior Sergeant Steve Braybrook told NZ Newswire.
More people turned up than expected at Belmont Hall in Lower Hutt and the organiser decided to "call it quits", he said. More...
A casting call for extras in Sir Peter Jackson's movie The Hobbit had to close its doors early today after being overwhelmed with hopefuls.
Hobbit casting call overwhelmed
Crossbow Isle                              Fantasy Mirror
Well, not yet can we report about the making of "Crossbow-Isle", hence meanwhile, you may enjoy the tidings from Middle Earth (New-Zealand).
"As we near the year out mark of the most anticipated movie of 2012, "The Hobbit", here is some information to keep you salivating."

Click the image and watch the HOBBIT trailer...
The Hobbit production video #5
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