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Deborah Tennesen:
Magical and creative!

Deborah Tennesen: You are so welcome, Author. Thank you for that wonderful mind of yours, and your vivid imagination!

Guylaine Fafard
I just love this Crossbow-Isle!!! So peacefull!!

Author I. Salgonda Crossbow-Isle - I hope you love all the characters in the story

Guylaine Fafard -  I do !!!

Julie Moffitt
You are very welcome - can't wait to read part two and three

Tristan V Tahhaane A very interesting to read..

Julie Moffitt
Wanted to let you know I downloaded crossbow isle parts. One on my linked app on my android phone.loving this story!

Joy Eamiguel
I find your novel here in bookstore! sista! thank you
(Sibu City)

Indroadi Bambang Purnomo
Very nice and intresting thank you and good luck dear friends

R Vince Vicini
Thank You Salgonda for sharing Your book. I have many friends on Facebook who are looking for something new to replace Lord of the Rings and your novel does just that. I wish you much Success.

Sieghilde Kirchmayer
Wish you the utmost success with this beautiful work Irene! Many many blessings!!!

Bonnie Cehovet
(Google+) Incredible site! I will have to purchase these books!

Jim E Crawford
Great web page very well laid out and user friendly

Alina Sheikh an tanx i will indeed love to read that story tanx Author I. Salgonda Crossbow-Isle


Dutchartistjelke van Beekveld
Dear Irene thanks you make me a member from your group
your paintingfriend dutchartistjelke ,hope and wish that everybody read your beautiful book !
Greetings from Holland also to your men.

Tova Waage Is loving this story!! Awesome.

Jorge Angel Batoca Barea Dear Elensaar, thank you for adding me in this wonderful group, I salute and embrace you, the creator of the group and all its members with my music, many blessings to all

Rod Banuelos Elensaar , I will enjoy your pages and story , Have a wonderful weekend 

Jamie Wigfield Thanks for the invite, look forward to reading the first installment.

Alfie Shamroth Very nice .... to me feels like a wide spectrum but concise to part of it.. Nicely written

Pamela Jo Wilson I will share this on my page!

Rachel Weathersby Beautiful Artwork, it captures your emotions...

Peggy Davis How wonderful ... congratulations ... what great accomplishment !

Gloria Deskins Congratulations Salgonda! I wish you the best your friend Gloria

Aaron Carlos Lopez This Group likes fire breathing dragons right?
Elensaar Gelindor Yes Aaron, we do, but you might be amazed and dazzled about the dragons you will find along the tale of Crossbow-Isle, - I promise.

Sonja Grace Great trailer loved the music!!! Good Luck!!!!!

Tina Joys Yeah.... i will spent sometime to this new Page 

Aaron Carlos Lopez Nothing like having pointy ears, to change ones prospective..
Thank you so much, it's nice to be somewhere in cyberspace that people from all walks of life can rest assured that they will not be judged or persecuted for being a pointy ear enthusiast.

'Jewel' Jen Thanks for your invitation to this wonderful group Irene.
Great to be sharing your journey..?

Kumu'Ola Leina'ala Kaahuhailikaukoalaaika'alaneo Brown Aloha ~ I am very honored to be your friend ~ E Ola mau Loa Kumu'Ola Leina'ala Kaahuhailikaukoalaaika'alaneo Brown

Pete Daly Close your eyes and you're there

Debbie Z Ragan Watched this before on your post. I don't have a LOVE button to push. 

Mary Sue Marshall Oh, my, Irene! Beautiful, gorgeous and so sharing...

Larry Densmore now thats a teaser --more, more!

Julie Moffitt what wonderful news !!!

Peggy Davis Fantastic news , very nice !

Cleoh da Lovechild cool

Suzan Moore Mckie I can think of quite a few people and children that would love this in their xmas stocking !

Wata Mooze I feel right at home, thanx! <;o)

Iron Red Vein Uy This is amazing!!!

Rod Bruce I am now on Crossbow-Isle! ?

Joseph Liverpoolfc I do have a big respect towards elves, but based upon my personality: Im more a dwarf.

Joseph Liverpoolfc Yes, but it will be a good ride.......a great adventure. So pull out your sword, polish your armour and time to explore this unknown world.

Joseph Liverpoolfc Elves. They're very easy, peaceful, wise, and great warriors. Moreover, Mages are very powerful. Their magic is unique and very defensive. They tought the humans everything about magic. They look very fragile, but in battle elves are mean. I could mention spells that just writing the names causes chills in my body: Apotheosis, Fiery of Convocation, Corruscation of Fanreir, Portent, Fear of Aramar, Second sign of Anhul, The bridge of Shadows....the list goes on. Try to be an Elfe'll love to cast spells in the battle field, and make sure to be protected by a unit of Phoenix Guards.

Gosh!...You dont know how much I admire them. You're welcome.

Joseph Liverpoolfc ?...but of course Irene, we can read the book and wait for the Hobbit, and Lego movies.

Jude Fred I love dat:-qB-)

Ludmila Antonoff - A dream past moonlight I have shared this!!! ? LOVE!!!! absolutely adore reading you!

Jorge Angel Batoca Barea Im not very inclined for long readings, but I have a strong feeling that I will find something very special, unique and magical in all your writings, I embrace with prayers and my music.

Julie Moffitt would love a copy - sent you a message !!! 

Helen Morgan Lovely! What a great idea.

Linda Taylor Let me know when it is released and who is careing it i love books and music

Trisha Perkins Oh wow thank you sooo much for inviting me. I went and read a lot of your stuff on here and also on the other website father down the page. It is absolutely beautiful.

Kasia Divenazio Thank you again Irene...I am honored....and happy!!!

Sandie Strait Thank you for inviting me to join Irene. I went to the web site, and this looks like great fun!

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