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Synopsis of Ithilhin-Moonchild Part 1
Elven tales. - Fantasy, lore, - or is it truth that time had turned into myth?

If you ever pondered why our real world is tumbling into the abyss of deception and unjustness, why the evilest thrive where the honest fail, if you want to find out if a remedy is afoot, - you have to read Crossbow Isle because it reveals a truth behind Elven Tales that is more frightening yet encouraging than your wildest imagination dares to picture and - it happens right NOW! If you don't have another world at hand - you can't escape!

As fantastic as it seems to be, but about four thousand years ago, the story of Crossbow Isle was triggered by a fiery inferno of cosmic proportions that took place not very far away from the world called Earth, or Sindora, as it was known in elven tongue.

That time, the Elven Planet Phaéthon, which actually was the fifth planet from the sun, was deliberately destroyed by an entity that had strayed from the iron rules of the Eternal Forces of the Universes, which eventually left a group of Phaéthon’s elves stranded in something known as the void of time.

Nonetheless, nothing happens in any universe without repercussions and hence, the echo of this event bounced back to Sindora, where its impact triggered an adventurous quest that coerced people and beings into a stream of events who had not the slightest idea about the long bygone cosmic disaster that had destroyed Phaéthon, leave alone any clue why it had happened and what they were heading for.

Ithilhin, - as her name is in elven tongue, or Moonchild in the common tongue, is the granddaughter of Morgan, the healer of a tiny village called Willowbee, which lies in the middle of Crossbow Isle.

Despite the fact that Willowbee is guarded by Morgan and the elves of the Ithil’quessir Clan, it appears at the first glance to be a pretty normal village, but those who look closer, will find out soon that Willowbee is all but normal in a very positive way, which creates the ultimate springboard for the most unusual quest to unfold that will test all those involved to the brink of their abilities.
The Greatest Elven Adventure since Lord of the Rings
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